All that surrounds me, exits me, and influences me eventually shows up in my work.

I am a Narrative ceramic artist; I have always been fascinated by the ability of ceramic work to tell a story. Images upon a three-dimension object give me a visual language to communicate speechlessly with the viewer. I try to evoke thought and contemplation, my work has a critical dimension and carries a message.

Inspiration for my work comes from all aspects of my life, personal and collective memories and experiences. War, Environment, religion, culture, imagination and reality, all come together to tell a story of frozen moments in time from different stations of my life.

Child figures are a major theme in my work.

Children show their feelings in a clean and unfiltered way. They will have to deal with whatever we leave behind for them and I feel responsible.

As an artist I feel it is my duty to serve as a voice, to point the light at the darker corners we create on this planet.   


Artist Statment