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 04   Artist statment

All that surrounds me, exits me and influences me eventually shows up in my work.

I am a ceramic artist, born and raised in Argentina, for the past 30 years I am living and working in Israel.

I have always been fascinated by the ability of the ceramic work to tell a story. Images upon a three dimensional object give me a visual language to communicate speechlessly with the viewer. I try to evoke thought and contemplation, my work has a critical dimension and caries a message.

Inspiration for my work comes from all aspects of my life, personal and collective memories and experiences.  War, Environment, religion, culture,   imagination and reality all come together to tell a story.As the years went by my stories became more and more personal and I found myself the center of my own drama. I began sculpting human figures and my work became intimate and exposed.

 I use child figures because I look at the world through the eyes of my children. Their experiences become my experiences. The world we live in, especially in Israel, shows up in my work. I chose clay as it is versatile and dynamic, allowing constant change and reformation thru out the creative proses.  My narrative style has led me to investigate many cultures. The way symbols and signs were used to transfer religious and cultural information has been an inspiration to my work. 


I work with several hand built technics including slabs, coil building, and press molds. I make my own press molds from different materials, I combine press and building technics,   I cover my work with underglaze, engobes, prints and clear glazes.

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Dori Schechtel zanger

Hatzav 3 , Neve Ziv, Israel ,25123

Telefax:  972-4-9823540, mobile : 972-50-7663719

www.dorizanger.co.il     dorizanger@gmail.com

facebook:  dori schechtel zanger ceramic artist